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Marketing and sales teams are increasingly choosing communication tools like Slack over email for communication. Enablix supports the ability to share a content asset on Slack. This feature is available to all users. 

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When a user shares an asset on a Slack channel, Enablix shares the portal links to the asset. Therefore, only those users that have access to the Enablix portal can open the shared asset. Additionally, if a Slack user has access to the Enablix portal, but does not have access to the shared asset (due to permissions), they will not be able to access the content asset in the portal. 

Authorize Enablix To Share On Slack

You need to authorize Enablix to post content on Slack as "you." Go to the User Avatar on the top right corner and click on User Profile. Click Authorize button in Slack Integration section and follow the prompts.     

Sharing Content

You can share any content asset on Slack. To share content asset, go to the asset detail screen and click on the Slack icon. 


  • You can share content on multiple public channels in one share. 
  • You have an option to include a message when sharing content on Slack. 

The content asset will be shared on Slack. 

Remove Enablix Authorization

If you want to remove Slack Authorization, you can go to the User Profile section from the User Avatar icon on the top right corner and click Unauthorize button on the Slack Integration section. 

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