The Homepage

The Homepage is the landing page when you sign into the Enablix portal. The homepage is configurable and an administrator can add sections and update assets to meet your organization's content enablement needs.

The Header

  1. Search Bar - The search bar helps you find content in Enablix. 
  2. Add Button - You add content assets using the Add button. 
  3. User Avatar - The user avatar icon gives a user access to user profile settings and to sign out.

The Sidebar

The sidebar supports navigation to the different modules of the application. Depending on a user's system role, certain options may not be available to a user. 

  1. Company Logo - This is the company logo and acts as a home button for the application. Clicking on this logo brings the user to the portal Homepage. By default this shows the Enablix logo. But organizations have an option to use their company's logo for branding purposes. To learn more, please refer to the branding article.
  2. Home - The home button brings users to the Homepage of the portal. 
  3. My Stuff - My Stuff is where a user of Enablix can check the activity on the shared assets. This section shows activity on assets shared by the user only. 
  4. Content Manager - Content Manager is where you can manage content requests, content feedback and verify assets in Enablix. To learn more, check out the help article - Introduction to Content Manager.
  5. Insights - The insights section gives you access to the complete audit trail and all of the Enablix reports. Only administrators can access Insights. Users can see their personal insights in My Stuff.
  6. Company Settings - Company Settings gives administrators access to administration sections. Only administrators can access company settings. 

The Sections

Homepage Section is a collection of assets displayed for quick access. Companies can define their own Homepage Sections to tailor Enablix to their business needs and configure the content of these sections. You can learn more about Managing Homepage Sections

Recent Updates

The Recent Updates section shows you the last ten recent content updates. Updates include all newly added content assets and updated assets. A user can click on the  See More link to access earlier updates and also filter them by content type, user, date, and update type. 

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