Introduction to Content Manager

Enablix supports multiple workflows and some utilities to manage the content assets in the library. The Content Manager is a single place where administrators and end users can track these workflows. Additionally, the Content Manager also supports utilities for administrators to streamline content asset management. 

The Content Manager supports the following functions:

  • Assets - Manage assets in bulk
  • Imports - Track the status of content imports
  • My Request - Where a user can check the status of their requests for publishing content
  • Requests - Content requests that are pending approval by the administrator
    • Administrators can approve or reject content requests and provide additional comments to the user who submitted the request
  • Quality Issues - Content that has been flagged for Quality Issues 
    • Example: This content was flagged for Assets with Duplicate File Name
  • Verification - Content that is due for Verification 
    • Example: This content was uploaded 1 year ago - Is it still relevant?
  • Feedback - Track feedback comments across all content assets in one place
  • Access Request - View pending access requests by users who are requesting access to content that their user profile does not allow


Not all tabs in the Content Manager are available to a user. What a user can and cannot access is dependent on the user's system role (Administrator, Consumer, Approved Contributor).

Updating Assets in Bulk

Using the Content Manager, you are also able to update assets in bulk. Please visit the Help Article Manage Multiple Assets for more information on how to do this.

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