FAQ: What is the Difference Between a Content Kit and a Content Page?

When you first start working with Content Kits and Content Pages, these two terms may sound redundant. Here are the key differences between a content kit and a content page. 

To learn more about Content Kits, please refer to Introduction to Content Kits

To learn more about Content Pages, please refer to Introduction to Content Pages

Content Kits Content Pages
Marketers and content administrators use content kits to create content bundles for internal users (sales reps, customer success teams, marketing managers, etc.). One needs access to Enablix portal to access the content of a content kit.  Content Pages are content bundles used for sharing content externally with prospects and customers. External users do not need Enablix access to access the content pages. 
One can add content that is approved for sharing externally and content that is meant for internal users to a content kit.  Since content pages are meant to be shared externally, only content that is approved for sharing externally is supported by a content page. 
Content Kits do not offer any branding option as they are meant to be used by internal users (and partner users, if applicable).  Since content pages are shared externally, one can control the look and feel of a content page so that it aligns with your company's branding. 
Examples of Content Kits: Product Launches, Sales Playbooks, Training/Learning Kits, Sales Kits, Marketing Kits, etc.  Examples of Content Pages: Customer Pages, Account Content Hubs, Sales Pages, Marketing Pages, etc. 
A Financial Services Sales Playbook

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