Introduction to Content Kits

A Content Kit is an asset that is a collection of other assets. Marketers and sales enablers will have scenarios where they want to group content assets into a collection and share them with the sales team. Whether or not an asset is a content kit is determined by the  Content Type  of an asset. Some commonly used examples of Content Kit content types are, 

  • Sales Playbooks
  • Sales Kits
  • Content Kits
  • Learning Kits
  • Image Library
  • Events
  • Sales Meetings
  • Proposal Kits

The default Enablix set up will have a couple of content types that support a content kit structure. To add additional Content Types that support a Content Kit structure you can access the Content Types screen in the administration section of the application.

Some additional points about a Content Kit asset, 

  • Deleting a content kit does not delete any of the assets that are part of the kit. 
  • A single asset can belong to multiple content kits. 
  • A content kit can include other content kits as its assets. 

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